Google Maps has quietly undergone a major overhaul

This new change is available to Android users / file photo
This new change is available to Android users / file photo

Google has quietly made a major change to its popular Maps service that will make it easier to find directions on Android phones.

Voice controls for Maps have been improved by Google.

After this upgrade, users will be able to find their desired routes more quickly on Google Maps.

All they have to do is say where they want to go and the new and improved Google Assistant will quickly point out the routes.

Voice controls in Google Maps used to work a bit slowly and if the app couldn’t hear the words correctly, there was an increased risk of wrong directions.

But the company has improved the voice controls for Google Maps and what the user says is also visible in large words, reducing the chance of going the wrong way.

Clicking on the microphone icon on the search bar of Google Maps will bring up the ‘New Faster Ways to Search on Maps’ option, through which this new upgrade can be used.

It has been upgraded to Google Maps for Android users and if you don’t have it, update the app.

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