Google Chrome is likely to introduce the best privacy feature

This feature will hide the user's IP address / file photo
This feature will hide the user’s IP address / file photo

When you use a browser, your Internet Protocol (IP) address is visible to websites, online services and others, and this data can be used for various purposes.

But now a new privacy feature IP protection feature is being added to the world’s most popular web browser Google Chrome.

This new feature will hide the user’s IP address.

This feature will hide the user’s IP address by redirecting Chrome web traffic to Google’s proxy server and no service will be able to track the user.

It’s not clear whether Google will also have access to a user’s IP address, but it will certainly make it harder for other companies to track your online activities.

This feature is not yet available to users but is undergoing testing.

According to media reports, the feature will be rolled out to limited users first and its performance will be tested on a few websites initially.

Depending on the usefulness of this feature, it will be gradually rolled out to other users.

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