Google Assistant’s reign has ended, Bard has also been renamed

This was announced by the company / Photo courtesy of Google
This was announced by the company / Photo courtesy of Google

Google’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot has been renamed Bard, while users will soon say goodbye to Google Assistant.

Google Bard is now renamed Gemini, the company’s AI model that was introduced in December 2023.

Note that Google introduced AI chatbot Bard about a year earlier than ChatGPT, which recently added the ability to generate images from written instructions.

Bard has been renamed after Google added Gemini Pro support for its AI chatbot.

According to the company, the purpose of the name change is to help people understand that they are using the Gemini AI model on the chatbot.

Other than that, Bard hasn’t changed much, but the logo has been changed along with the new name.

AI chatbot app for mobile phones from Google and A website has also been introduced.

Along with these changes, Google has also introduced an Ultra version of Gemini with a monthly fee.

Apart from the name, the biggest change is to the Gemini app which will be available first in the US and gradually rolled out to other countries.

This app will gradually replace Google Assistant in Android phones.

Thus, the era of Google Assistant at the level of mobile phones will end.

It will be possible to activate Gemini by saying hey google.

The company said that this is the first major step towards creating a true AI assistant that will be more helpful to users.

It is a multi-modal assistant meaning it will be possible to give instructions through audio, text and images.

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