Gmail is now ready to become like WhatsApp

The feature was being tested from November 2023 / File photo
The feature was being tested from November 2023 / File photo

Google’s most popular service Gmail will now start to feel somewhat like WhatsApp.

Yes, Google is introducing a new chat-style response interface to Gmail’s Android app.

With this feature, the experience of replying to Gmail emails will be similar to that of a messaging app.

Now when replying to an email on Gmail, a new reply window opens with the above details displayed in snippets.

But with this new feature, when you click on the reply button, the above email will look like a reply to the WhatsApp message.

This will help to read the message on the email and reply to it without having to remember what was written in the email.

This kind of design has been seen so far only in messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Google’s new Reply Box was being tested since November 2023 and is now being rolled out to users.

Looking at this feature, it seems that Google has tried to provide users with an experience similar to instant messaging in Gmail.

According to a report by Android Police, the new chat reply box will now become an integral part of the Gmail app.

Keep in mind that Google is also improving the Help Me Write feature in the Gmail app for Android phones.

This feature helps in drafting emails using artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Right now, users write custom emails to the AI ​​bot by giving them written instructions.

But in the near future, you won’t even need to touch the keyboard because you’ll be able to do it just by speaking.

According to a report by Android Authority, a new feature is being tested in the Gmail app.

With this feature called Draft Email With Your Voice, you will be able to speak the instructions for the email.

It is not yet clear when Google will introduce this feature to the Gmail app on Android phones.

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