For the first time, Made in India iPhones will be available from launch

iPhone 15 Pro / Reuters Photo
iPhone 15 Pro / Reuters Photo

For the first time, Apple’s Made in India iPhones are being offered for sale from day one.

It should be noted that Apple has been manufacturing iPhones and other devices in India and Vietnam for a few years now, but it relies heavily on China for production.

But this year, the American company has increased the production of the iPhone 15 series in India, reducing its dependence on China.

Bloomberg reports that the new India-made iPhones will be available in India and a few other regions from the first day of sales (September 22).

Most of the iPhone 15 series units will be manufactured in China, but the production of the devices in India is being gradually increased.

This is the first time that production of new iPhones took place in 2 countries simultaneously.

Last year, Apple produced some models of the iPhone 14 series in India due to the shutdown of factories in China due to the Covid epidemic and other reasons.

A few months ago, a report said that in 2022, around 7% of the iPhones produced globally will be produced in India.

Earlier in 2021, only one percent of iPhones were produced in India.

The company is working to increase this rate to 25 percent by 2025.

According to reports, iPhones will continue to be produced in China and Taiwan for the foreseeable future as production costs are low there, but production will gradually be expanded to other countries.

It should be noted that Apple introduced 4 models of the iPhone 15 series on September 12.

This series consists of iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

A highlight of this year’s models is the addition of a new USBC charging port.

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