For the first time, AI technology beats humans in a game of physical prowess

The stick above the game is actually an AI robot / Photo courtesy of ETH Zurich
The stick above the game is actually an AI robot / Photo courtesy of ETH Zurich

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology has defeated humans in various board games such as chess.

The defeat of humans in board games is not surprising, as AI technology has proven adept at certain tasks, particularly the ability to analyze details.

But now, for the first time, a robot based on AI technology has beaten humans in the field of physical prowess.

An AI robot developed by Swiss university ETH Zurich beat humans in a game called labyrinth.

In this game you have to move the marble ball from one end to the other through 2 knobs.

It is very hard work and requires mental as well as physical ability.

But the robot named Cyber ​​Runner played the game like a real person.

This robot is equipped with 2 motors (his hands), a camera (his eyes) and a computer (his brain), through which he plays the game like a human.

Like humans, the robot first learned how to play the game and then AI technology helped it make decisions.

This robot observes the game and remembers the experience of playing it and uses its algorithm to complete it.

The robot broke the world record set by Lars Göran Danielsson in 2022 after training for 6.06 hours.

Lars Göran Danielsson completed the game in 15.41 seconds while the robot completed it in 14.48 seconds.

During the learning process the robot discovers shortcuts and uses them to win like a human.

A research paper regarding this robot website has been released on and now the researchers are working on making this project open source.

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