Elon Musk’s rush to get to Mars is taking its toll on the space company’s employees

Photo: File
Photo: File

SpaceX owner Elon Musk’s rush to be the first to reach Mars began to cost the space company, with accidents becoming the norm thanks to poor safety measures at the company.

According to the report of the British news agency, Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, is in a hurry to reach Mars, but he has neglected the safety of the company’s employees to achieve this goal.

According to the report, due to poor arrangements for the safety of employees in Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX, accidents have become a daily routine. Their bones were broken.

According to the data mentioned in the report of the news agency, among the accidents that happened to the employees in Specx X, there were 17 such incidents in which the fingers of the employees were cut, 9 people were injured with deep head injuries and 5 people were on fire. were injured by burns while 7 people were affected by eye injuries in the accidents.

According to the news, in various incidents, 8 employees were disabled due to amputation of their body parts and 12 incidents of deep injury to various organs, while in 170 incidents, employees were slightly injured.

According to the news, the employees said that regarding the safety measures and accidents for the employees on SpaceX, the space company is of the opinion that the responsibility of their own safety rests with the employees.

At least four employees said Elon Musk himself doesn’t appear to be particularly concerned about safety measures, having been seen playing with flamethrowers on several of his visits to the space company and instructing his employees on ‘safety’. They used to stop wearing ‘Safety Yellow’ because according to them they don’t like bright colors.

According to the news agency, these figures are based only on the events that were told to them by current and former employees and former executives of SpaceX during the investigation, while the actual number of events that took place there could be much higher.

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