Editing of sent SMS will soon be possible

A new report says so / Photo courtesy of Google
A new report says so / Photo courtesy of Google

By the way, Short Message Service (SMS) is not used much anymore but other apps like WhatsApp are more preferred.

But still many people use SMS.

But if any mistake is made in the message while sending the SMS, then it is not possible to correct it.

But now it will be possible because the feature of editing the message sent through the Google Messages app for SMS is being introduced.

Such a feature is present in WhatsApp and many other messaging apps.

one Reports According to the code of the Google Messages app, there is an indication that message edit support is being provided in the default Android chat app.

This change in the code of the Messages app was made by Google at the end of November 2023.

According to the report, this feature is still being worked on by Google and it is difficult to say when it can be rolled out to all users.

But still, this will be a huge update to the Google Messages app.

Google’s Messages app has been developed to compete with Apple’s iMessage and is expected to be a great alternative to iMessage with various features.

It should be noted that the message edit option was introduced in Apple’s iMessage service in 2022.

It is not yet clear whether the option to edit messages in Google Messages will work with Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages.

But the report said that the code indicates that the new feature will also work on RCS messages.

Keep in mind that Google has been trying to replace SMS and MMS with the new messaging protocol RCS for many years.

RCS is a messaging protocol that supports different features across different platforms.

For example, users can send messages over mobile networks as well as Wi-Fi, while they can also send larger video and photo files to each other.

Similarly, features like group chats and read receipts are also part of RCS.

Apple has also decided to adopt the RCS protocol for its devices in 2024.

But Google’s protocol will work outside of iMessage.

RCS support will be made part of iOS 18 by Apple.

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