Do you use Google to search the Internet? So you should know this

A study reported this / File photo
A study reported this / File photo

Google is the most used search engine in the world and millions or billions of people use it every day.

But a new study claims that the quality of the Google search engine has deteriorated.

This claim was made in a joint study by Germany’s Leipzig and Bauhaus universities.

The year-long study compared the quality of search results on Google as well as Bing and other search engines.

The results showed that when something is searched on Google, most of the top results or the first links seen are based on substandard content.

The research analyzed over 7,000 product search terms and found that substandard content is more likely to be displayed by Google and other search engines.

According to research, most of such websites focus more on search engine optimization (SEO) than their content.

Google often makes changes to its algorithms to prevent SEO use and try to demote substandard content.

We’ve seen companies adjust algorithms to block such content, but these changes lead to temporary improvements, after which SEO spammers beat the system in new ways, the researchers said.

In product searches, Google often loses, but still outperforms Bing and other search engines, the study found.

The researchers also observed an improvement in the quality of Google’s product searches during the study period.

Discussing the research findings, a Google spokesperson acknowledged the problem of substandard content.

But the spokesperson said that the research results do not reflect the overall quality of Google search.

The study only examined product review content and does not reflect overall quality, the spokesperson said.

The company said that there are billions of searches on Google every day on various topics and we believe that Google search results are the best.

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