Do aliens really exist? NASA is ready to release the most important report

NASA's report will be released on the evening of September 14/AFP Photo
NASA’s report will be released on the evening of September 14/AFP Photo

Are aliens really visiting our world in their flying saucers?

This is the question for which the American space agency NASA started research in 2022 and now its final results are being released.

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) research by NASA was being conducted by a 16-member team comprising scientists, aviation and artificial intelligence (AI) experts.

It should be noted that the use of the term UAP instead of UFO (Unidentified flying objects) by the US authorities was started a few months ago.

This term is used for aerial objects that have not been identified and are believed by many to be flying saucers.

The team’s report is being released on September 14 (after 7 PM PT).

The research team released preliminary findings in May 2023 saying that existing data and witness statements were insufficient to draw a definitive conclusion.

This is the reason why there is no possibility of any shocking revelation in the final report but on the basis of it the research work will be taken further.

The research team was not given access to classified US government files, but had to rely on public data to investigate alleged UFO incidents.

Preliminary findings in May said more than 800 such cases had been reported over the past 27 years, with a possible 2 to 5 percent being false.

It should be noted that the issue of UAPs is being taken more seriously by the US government in recent years.

In July, a former US intelligence analyst, David Grosz, claimed that the government had hidden details about flying saucers and ‘extraterrestrials’ at the meeting of the US Congress committee on alleged flying saucers.

David Grosz said that he is absolutely sure that the UAPs and the unmanned operators who operate them are in the possession of the United States.

David Grosz said that ‘I was informed during my official duties about the removal of UAP debris decades ago’.

He added that ‘based on the data I received, I reported these details to my officers and other authorities’.

He said that details about UAPs have been withheld by the US government not only from the public but also from Congress and that he himself has interviewed people who know about aliens.

The former intelligence analyst said, ‘My testimony is based on details obtained from persons who have served the country for a long time, most of them have photographs, official documents and other tangible evidence. ‘.

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