Developed a smart speaker that ‘mutes’ people in rooms

American university developed this smart speaker / Photo courtesy of University of Washington
American university developed this smart speaker / Photo courtesy of University of Washington

It is possible to mute people’s voices in a virtual meeting, but it is not possible to avoid the noise of a crowd in a hotel, room or anywhere else.

But scientists have developed an amazing smart speaker that can ‘mute’ people around you.

Yes, indeed, scientists from the University of Washington in the United States have developed a smart speaker that uses self-deploying microphones to transform a room into different speech zones.

This speaker tracks the position of the speakers and uses deep learning algorithms to mute specific parts of the room for the user.

That is, people around you are talking but you don’t hear that voice.

This smart speaker consists of tiny robotic microphones that automatically move from one place to another.

This allows the system to learn about the environment and act accordingly.

One regarding this speaker research The results were published in the journal Nature Communications.

If we close our eyes and there are 10 people talking in a room, we don’t know who is talking and where the speaker is sitting in the room, which is too difficult for the human brain to process, the researchers said. .

“For the first time, we have developed a smart speaker that can isolate the positions of multiple people talking in a room by tracking their conversations,” he added.

Researchers have named this speaker robotic acoustic swarm.

It is currently a prototype device which means it may take some time before it reaches the general public.

A speaker has 7 robot microphones and each robot emits high-frequency sound to avoid obstacles and not fall down the designated area.

The device has so far been tested in offices, rooms and kitchens, and everywhere it has been more than 90 percent successful in blocking sounds.

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