Cosmic radio signal detected 8 billion years away

A study reported this / Photo courtesy of ESO
A study reported this / Photo courtesy of ESO

Scientists have revealed that radio signals have been received from a distance of 8 billion years.

This is the most distant Fast Radio Burst (FRB) signal ever detected.

These radio waves, called FRBs, are produced for very short periods of time and this new signal could be from a group of 2 or 3 merging galaxies.

A new study reported this discovery.

The signal was detected by Australia’s CSIRO’s ASKAP radio telescope in June 2022, according to research.

Fast radio bursts emit as much energy in just one millisecond as the Sun emits in 30 years.

Researchers used Chile’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) to find the source galaxy of the signal.

They discovered that it is the oldest radio signal ever to reach Earth, possibly 8 billion years ago.

This radio signal has been named FRB 20220610A.

Scientists do not yet know why such signals emit so much energy, but research results now confirm that such signals are common in the universe.

These signals can be used to identify the material between galaxies and help determine the composition of the universe.

The researchers said that if we determine the amount of matter in the universe, we will know a lot that we do not know yet.

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