Chinese scientists make significant progress in developing 6G network

China successfully tests advanced switching communication device in space / File photo
China successfully tests advanced switching communication device in space / File photo

Many countries of the world, including Pakistan, have not yet introduced Fifth Generation (5G) technology, but one country has been able to make significant progress in introducing even more advanced cellular technology.

Scientists in China have made a major breakthrough that will pave the way for the fastest satellite internet.

According to scientists, this is the most important part of the process of preparing 6G networks.

Scientists at the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences had been working for more than a decade on developing a switching communication device that could increase the speed of data transmission.

The communication device was launched in August 2023 by a Y7 rocket and installed in a satellite in Earth orbit.

In Earth orbit, the device succeeded in sending light signals from one place to another without converting them into electrical signals, in effect acting like a mirror.

The device is named Spaceboard Optical Switching Technology and is the first time that such a device has been successfully tested on a satellite by China.

According to scientists, when the data from this device was downloaded to Earth, all details were intact and the data was not damaged.

Such devices are considered the most important part of communications networks that distribute data in a specific direction, for example the way our phone call reaches a specific person.

Traditional switching devices convert light signals into digital data using electricity, but the new device works without it.

According to the scientists, thanks to this method, it will be possible to save the cost of building a special switching infrastructure.

In this regard, a scientific paper released in 2022 stated that this device can support 40 GB per second of data, which is much higher than conventional switching technology.

The development of satellite remote sensing will enable high-speed data transfer and 6G mobile communication.

According to scientists, the role of satellites in communication networks like 6G will be very important.

Satellite Internet currently relies on microwave technology to deliver satellite Internet to Earth, but it has limited data transfer speeds.

But in recent years there have been advances in using lasers for data transfer.

According to the scientists, when the data transfer speed is very high, traditional switching technologies face difficulties in processing 100 GB/s of data.

Therefore, the development of a more advanced optical exchange system is necessary.

But he acknowledged that despite this progress, the technology may take a long time to materialize.

It should be noted that earlier it was estimated that the arrival of 6G technology in the world will not be possible before 2030.

There aren’t many details about 6G technology yet, but experts say it will help move holographic communication from science fiction to reality.

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