Best Tricks Recommended by Google to Extend Smartphone Battery Life

Improving phone battery life isn't too difficult / File Photo
Improving phone battery life isn’t too difficult / File Photo

In the current era, the displays of smartphones have become larger while the devices have many features that require a lot of power.

This is the reason why people need to charge their phones more than once a day.

In fact, people are very annoyed by the quick battery drain.

That’s why, realizing the people’s concern, Google has come up with some of the best in this regard Turks have been told.

Google is the company that developed the Android operating system that most smartphones run on.

By knowing about these features or tips you can improve the battery life of your phone.

Turn off the screen early

Google recommends turning off the screen early, meaning that the phone’s screen automatically goes to sleep mode to a minimum.

The longer the phone screen is on, the more battery life will be used.

You can minimize this time by going to phone settings, usually this period is from 15 seconds to 10 minutes, so go to display settings and change it to 15 seconds.

Reduce screen brightness

Smartphone displays are now quite large and their brightness drains the battery much faster.

This is why try to keep the brightness low while using the phone, because the brighter the display, the faster the battery will drain.

Set the brightness to automatic

Google also recommends setting the screen brightness to automatic, after which the phone’s screen will adjust itself according to the surrounding environment.

Turn off keyboard sounds or vibration

Google also recommends disabling keyboard sounds and vibrations, which also helps to maximize battery power.

When you type something on a smartphone keyboard, each time a key is pressed, sounds or vibrations are emitted, which activates the device’s haptic device mechanism.

This mechanism requires energy for its operation, which drains the battery quickly.

Limit apps that consume a lot of battery

Google recommends identifying apps that use too much battery power and limiting their functionality.

By selecting the power optimization mode for specific apps it is possible to prevent them from running in the background, thereby increasing battery life.

Use the Adaptive Battery feature

This feature is primarily designed to improve the device’s energy efficiency.

This allows the phone to learn how you use the device and adjust its behavior accordingly.

Delete useless accounts

According to Google, delete accounts you don’t use associated with your Android device.

Most users have multiple accounts for email, social media, and other services that are linked to a smartphone.

These accounts are constantly updated to sync data, which drains battery life.

Using the dark theme

Google also recommends using the dark theme.

For this purpose, Android phones also have a feature called dark mode, which makes the user interface use dark colors and consumes less battery.

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