Best security feature addition for WhatsApp web version

A report described the feature / file photo
A report described the feature / file photo

WhatsApp continues to prioritize user privacy and security.

This is the reason why the chat lock feature is being introduced for WhatsApp web users by the Meta-owned messaging app after the mobile app.

It should be noted that the chat lock feature was introduced for mobile apps in May 2023 by which various chats are saved in a folder while accessing them through the phone unlock method.

Later, the secret code feature was also introduced to make the chat lock feature even better.

Now after several months WhatsApp is working on making this feature a part of the web version.

According to a report by Wabetainfo, a Lock Chat feature is being added to the web version of the messaging app, which will provide more security and privacy to certain chats.

This feature is still being worked on and is hinted at in the beta version of the web version.

The report further stated that the feature will work on the web version as well as the Android and iOS versions.

This feature will be very helpful for people who use WhatsApp on a computer in an office.

Through this feature they will be able to keep personal details, confidential or sensitive information away from other people.

This feature is still being worked on so it is hard to say when it can be rolled out to web version users.

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