NASA managed to detect Voyager 2 signal

Voyager 2 / Photo courtesy of NASA A NASA team has detected a signal from the Voyager 2 spacecraft. Due to a faulty command, the NASA team lost contact with the spacecraft on July 3rd. “We enlisted the help of the Deep Space Network and radio science groups to listen for Voyager 2’s signal,” said … Read more

YouTube Premium and YouTube Music introduced in Pakistan

More than 2 billion logged-in viewers watch global music videos on YouTube every month and more than 2 million creators come to showcase their creativity to the world: Farhan S. Qureshi, Google Director for Pakistan talks/Photofile KARACHI: YouTube has announced the launch of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium in Pakistan, a paid membership that optimizes … Read more

Adding AI chatbots to Meta’s other apps, including Facebook, is expected soon

This was revealed in a new report / Reuters Photo Metta is likely to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) technology based chatbots for users soon. According to a report in the Financial Times, AI chatbots may be introduced in other Meta services including Facebook and Instagram by September. The report quoted company sources as saying that … Read more

A worm frozen in the Siberian snow has been brought back to life after 46,000 years

Scientists brought to consciousness the insect frozen under the Siberian ice for 46 thousand years. After these insects became conscious, they gave birth to many children and then died their natural death. Through this research, scientists proved that life can be paused for an indefinite period. According to the foreign news agency, some 46,000 years … Read more