Apple’s first mixed reality headset is likely to go on sale in 2024

The headset was introduced in June 2023 / Reuters Photo
The headset was introduced in June 2023 / Reuters Photo

Apple introduced its first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, in June 2023.

Apple CEO Tim Cook presented the headset based on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology at the company’s annual developer conference.

It was the first major device introduced by the company in 8 years, before the Apple Watch was introduced in 2015.

But at that time the device was not offered for sale and it was said that it will be available to people sometime in 2024.

But the company did not give any specific date but now the possible date of its sale has been revealed.

A report suggested that Apple’s first mixed reality headset will go on sale in late January or early February 2024.

The company expects to sell 5 lakh headsets within a year, the report said.

Keep in mind that usually Apple sells more than 20 million iPhones every year.

Introducing the device in June, Alan Dye, Apple’s vice president of human interface division, said that the headset would allow users to experience an AR version of their surroundings or a full virtual reality location.

Controlling the Vision Pro relies on your eyes, hands and voice, you can browse different parts of the system just by looking, he said.

He said that there is a transparent screen on the front of the device so that you can see your surroundings.

It is possible to run iOS apps on this device, meaning FaceTime can be used with AR technology.

The Vision Pro features a 3D camera that can be used to capture photos and experience VR technology.

Similarly, the device has a 4k display in front of each eye while the M2 processor is used.

The company claims that this device is a replacement for TVs, surround sound systems, powerful laptops and gaming consoles.

The price of this headset is 3499 dollars.

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