Another huge change in WhatsApp that will transform this messaging platform

This feature is currently available in beta version / file photo
This feature is currently available in beta version / file photo

WhatsApp constantly makes changes to the messaging platform to improve the user experience.

In May 2023 A big change to be made in WhatsApp was aware of.

The change suggested using a username as a substitute for a telephone number.

But after that more details about this new feature were not revealed but now there has been progress in it.

of WABetaInfo Reports According to Meta’s proprietary app, this feature has been improved and introduced in the new beta version for iOS devices.

Note that in May this feature was seen in the beta version of Android devices.

The report said that under this feature, a new section will be added in the profile settings where users will be able to choose a username of their choice.

According to the report, the user will have the option to choose a username or not and each username will be different.

Even after this change, WhatsApp accounts will be linked to the phone number itself, but there will be no need to give the phone number to communicate with other people.

Instead, it will be possible to communicate with users just by sharing usernames.

In simple words it will be possible to search by user’s username instead of phone number or QR code.

That is, it will increase the privacy of the users and the phone numbers will not reach the hands of strangers.

Currently this feature is provided in the beta version of the iOS app.

So now it is difficult to say how long the username feature will be available to users, but considering the addition of important features in recent months, it is likely that it will be introduced to users very soon.

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