Another great feature addition to Google Maps

This feature was announced by Google / Photo courtesy of Google
This feature was announced by Google / Photo courtesy of Google

Google has added a new feature based on generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to its most popular service Maps.

This new addition will make the process of searching and finding places in Google Maps easier and better for users.

According to the company, this new feature of Google Maps will use large language models and will work like an AI chatbot.

With the new AI feature, users will be able to ask questions about various locations from Maps and get answers.

According to the company, large language models will be able to analyze maps and provide detailed information about more than 250 million locations.

Similarly, by taking people’s opinion into account, these models will be able to suggest places for people to visit.

According to Google, this feature is being introduced in the US first.

However, the company has not said anything about its availability in other countries.

Note that in November 2023, a report mentioned the introduction of such an AI chatbot in Google Maps.

The report stated that code in the beta version of Google Maps hints at the addition of an AI chatbot.

But the report did not specify what this AI chatbot would help with.

Now the company said that when a person asks a question about a location, they will be able to ask sub-questions about it.

It will also be possible to share or save the details provided by the AIbot.

This feature can be used by Google Maps users in the US by going to Local Guides.

Earlier in October 2023, Google Maps added several features based on AI technology, which will be available to users in the coming months.

At the time, the company said that the search in Maps is being updated to make it easier for users to search for specific places or things.

Similarly, the Maps navigation interface is also being changed to show the surrounding areas in a more accurate way.

For this purpose, the colors in Google Maps have been updated so that people can have an accurate idea of ​​roads, parks and other places.

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