An internet service that surpassed Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and TikTok in a year

It's been a year since Chat GPT was introduced / File photo
It’s been a year since Chat GPT was introduced / File photo

A new service in the internet world has overtaken popular apps like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram in terms of user growth.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT has surpassed all other apps or services in terms of popularity in a year.

ChatGPT was introduced to the world on November 30, 2022 and the number of people using it within a year is staggering.

People using this popular AI chatbot can easily get required details, write articles and much more.

It didn’t take long for Chat GPT to gain popularity.

Within 5 days of its introduction, the number of people using it had crossed 1 million and within 2 months it had reached 10 crore users.

According to Similar Web, at the end of one year, the number of monthly users of ChatGPT is 1 billion 70 million, which at one point reached 1 billion 80 million, but has decreased somewhat since then.

Thus, it became the fastest service to reach the milestone of over one billion users.

In comparison, social media app Tik Tok took around 5 years to achieve this milestone, while Instagram took 7.7 years to reach 10 million monthly users, YouTube 8.1 years, WhatsApp 7 years and Facebook 7 years. Had to wait for 8.7 years.

A year of Chat GPT

Over the past year, people have been using ChatGPT for a variety of purposes, from writing emails to creating CVs, while some people are even making a fortune using it.

The AI ​​chatbot also underwent a lot of changes during this period.

A year ago the free version of ChatGPT was introduced, then a monthly fee version called ChatGPT Plus came out and now the ChatGPT 4 model is working.

This new version is trained with more data and can understand instructions better than before.

A major update to ChatGPT is the ability to speak and those who pay a monthly fee can also chat with the chatbot while sharing photos through the mobile app.

Chat GPT’s impact on the world of technology

After ChatGPT was introduced, several technology companies released their own AI chatbots.

Microsoft first built a ChatGPT-based AI system as part of the Bing search engine and later incorporated the technology into all of its services.

In February, Google introduced an AI chatbot, while Meta is also working on it.

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