An interesting feature addition to Google Maps

The feature was announced by the company / File photo
The feature was announced by the company / File photo

An interesting feature has been added to Google Maps which will surely be loved by the users.

If you are used to saving multiple locations as favorites in Google Maps, now you can use emojis for that.

This feature was announced by the company in the past few days.

You can use any emoji as a symbol for a specific location.

Now be it a restaurant, shop, hotel, park or any place, any emoji available in the phone can be used to identify it.

It will be very easy for users to identify any safe location with emojis, just need to remember which emoji is used for a location.

Google also shared an image announcing the feature that hints at how it could change Maps.

How to use the feature?

To do this, click on the location you want to save to Google Maps, then click Save below.

After that, write the name of the place by clicking on New List and choose the Choose icon button at the top, here you can select any emoji.

It should be noted that at the beginning of September, the company quietly made a significant change to the user interface of Google Maps.

Due to this change, the Google Maps service has started to look different to most people than before.

This update changes the colors of Google Maps for phone and desktop users.

Now gray is used for roads, greenish blue for water and bluish green for parks.

Previously, Google Maps used yellow for roads and a slightly darker blue for water.

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