An interesting and cool trick addition to WhatsApp

WhatsApp avatar feature has been further improved / File photo
WhatsApp avatar feature has been further improved / File photo

An interesting and cool trick has been added to WhatsApp.

The Meta-owned messaging app will now allow users to turn their photos into digital avatars.

Note that WhatsApp avatar feature was introduced in December 2022 and now it has been improved more than ever.

After the new update, users will not have to work hard to create their avatar, but it will be possible to turn the selfie into a cartoon drawing.

Now the digital avatar has to be created itself, things like clothes, skin tone, personality style and other things have to be evaluated.

But now, under the update, all you have to do is upload a selfie, after which WhatsApp will create a complete avatar and hand it over to you.

After that you can change clothes or other things if you want.

When an individual creates a new avatar, they are also advised to read the company’s new privacy policy, so that they know to what extent their personal details have been used to convert a photo into an avatar.

The rollout of this new feature has started and will be available to all users in the coming days.

According to WhatsApp, more than one billion avatars have been created in a year.

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