Allowing judges in England and Wales to use ChatGPT for legal matters

It will be a first in England and Wales / Photo courtesy of The Next Web
It will be a first in England and Wales / Photo courtesy of The Next Web

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is being used in many fields.

But now for the first time an AI system like ChatGPT will be used in the courts of England and Wales.

According to British media, judges in England and Wales will be able to use ChatGPT for various legal matters.

The Judicial Office has issued formal instructions to thousands of judges in England and Wales.

These guidelines state that AI technology can be used to summarize or manage thousands of pages of text.

However, the guidelines also said that AI chatbots would not be allowed to be used for legal research or analysis, as the technology could generate fictitious cases.

Judges will also use the AI ​​system to know that a lawyer’s legal arguments are not generated by an AI chatbot.

A few such incidents have been reported in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Geoffrey Voss, head of civil justice in England and Wales, said these were the first of their kind to be issued to the judiciary.

He said that these instructions will provide the best opportunities to the judicial system.

“Because this technology is so new, we need to make sure all judges understand what it can do, how it should be used and what it can’t do,” he said.

Jeffrey Voss points out that judges must be able to distinguish between genuine legal arguments and those generated by AI.

He said that judges have to be trained so that they can distinguish between truth and falsehood in the current era of AI.

He added that we cannot introduce AI-based judicial decisions until we are absolutely sure that people have confidence in this technology, which we are still far from.

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