AI technology will change our lives in the next 5 years, Bill Gates

Bill Gates / File photo
Bill Gates / File photo

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been championing artificial intelligence (AI) for a long time, but now he predicts that this technology will change everyone’s life in the next 5 years.

The rise of AI technology has raised concerns that millions of people around the world may lose their jobs, and recently the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that 40 percent of jobs worldwide could be affected by AI technology. can be

Bill Gates also does not reject this idea but he believes that every new technology comes with different concerns, but then new opportunities emerge.

During an interview, Bill Gates predicted that AI technology will make everyone’s life easier, especially doctors will get a lot of help with their paperwork.

He said that there is no need to develop a new device for this technology, but it can be used on your existing phone or computer.

Chat GPT 4 has been dramatically improved by OpenAI and can read and write, which will greatly help people in their work, he said.

He said that it would be great to make this technology a part of education or health sectors.

This is not the first time that Bill Gates has discussed AI technology.

Earlier, he has many times called AI technology as the most important technological development of recent decades.

Some time ago, he also predicted that within a year and a half, AI chatbots would be helping children read and write.

In a March 2023 blog post, Bill Gates called AI technology as important as microprocessors, personal computers, the Internet, and mobile phones.

On this occasion, he said that this technology will change the way people work, learn, travel, receive medical care and interact with each other.

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