After 5 decades, the first US space mission to land on the moon is launched

The Vulcan rocket was launched from Florida/AFP Photo
The Vulcan rocket was launched from Florida/AFP Photo

For the first time in more than 50 years, an American space mission has been launched to land on the moon.

This mission has been sent by private companies instead of NASA, the official space agency of the United States.

Another company Astrobiotic Technology’s lander was launched from Florida by a rocket from United Launch Alliance.

The rocket launched the spacecraft to the moon, where it will attempt to land on February 23.

Astrobiotic aspires to be the first private company to successfully land a mission on the Moon.

So far, only 4 countries have been able to do this, including the US, Russia, China and India.

This is the first US mission since 1972 to attempt to land on the moon.

These two companies were awarded millions of dollars by NASA and are intended to make the US presence felt on the moon, as other countries have already done a lot of work in 2023.

Astrobiotic's lunar lander / AFP photo
Astrobiotic’s lunar lander / AFP photo

The US space agency hopes the mission will give new life to NASA’s lunar exploration efforts.

It should be noted that NASA will send humans to the moon through the Artemis 3 mission in 2025.

This is also the first test flight of the long-delayed Vulcan rocket.

In February, SpaceX will try to land a private company’s lander on the moon within a week.

Astrobiotic’s lander contains various objects such as rock fragments from Mount Everest, toy vehicles and the ashes and DNA of various people.

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