Addition of 3 New AI Features to Google Chrome

3 different AI features are becoming part of Chrome / Reuters Photo
3 different AI features are becoming part of Chrome / Reuters Photo

Google has announced the introduction of new artificial intelligence (AI) for its popular web browser Chrome.

According to the company, the new AI tools will make web surfing easier and safer for users.

These new AI features will be available to users on the desktop version of Chrome over the next few weeks.

One of these features is the tab organizer.

This feature will suggest AI to create tab groups based on open tabs on the browser.

Tab group names and emojis will also be suggested by AI technology.

To use this feature, place the mouse cursor over a tab and right-click and select the Organize Similar Tabs option (whenever the feature is available to you).

Another feature is the text generator.

This AI tool works when you right click the mouse on any text box or field on the internet.

When you right-click on a review or comments text box or field, select the Help Me Write option and type a few words, after which the text generator will do the rest.

The third feature is regarding AI wallpapers.

To use this feature, select Change Theme option by clicking on Customize Chrome on Chrome’s side panel, where click on Create with AI.

Through this you will be able to create multiple wallpapers of different styles yourself.

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