Adding 3 Best Privacy Features to Protect Users in Google Search

In a blog post, Google announced the features / file photo
In a blog post, Google announced the features / file photo

Google has added 3 new features to its search engine to improve user privacy.

With these features, users will not only be able to control their personal data online, but also to some extent prevent it from spreading across the Internet.

Google announced these features in a blog post.

One of these features is the Results About You tool.

This tool was introduced in 2022 to help users extract sensitive personal information like phone number, home address or email address etc. from search results.

But now it has been improved and users will be sent alerts by Google when personal details are published online, so that they can take action in this regard.

To use this feature, open the Google Search app on the phone and click on the profile picture on the top right side.

Then click on Privacy & Security and go to the Results About You section below.

There, enable Get alerted about new results about you.

According to the company, this feature is currently available to US users but will soon be extended to other countries.

Another feature from Google is to automatically blur inappropriate images.

For this, the Safe Search feature has been updated.

Similarly, the Google policy regarding inappropriate personal photos of users has been updated so that they can remove such photos of themselves from search results.

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