Added 2 cool features to YouTube

These features were announced by the company / Reuters Photo
These features were announced by the company / Reuters Photo

Google’s most popular service YouTube has added 2 great features.

One of these features is regarding YouTube shorts.

Users using YouTube Shorts will now be able to use the Short Videos section for live video streaming as well.

The company has announced that while scrolling the shorts videos, users will be able to see a preview of the live video which can be clicked to watch it in full.

It will also be possible to stream live videos on shorts in a vertical format.

Well, the live streaming option in vertical format on YouTube has been there for a long time but now it is being made a part of the shorts feed.

This new YouTube feature is similar to Tik Tok in that it is possible to watch live streaming while watching short videos.

As a result of this change in Tik Tok, live streaming benefited significantly and saw a significant increase in user engagement minutes.

A number of discovery options will also be added to the app regarding live streaming of YouTube shorts.

Along with this new addition to shorts, YouTube is also providing the ability to upload podcasts directly from YouTube Studio.

This change will allow users to link their RSS feed directly to YouTube Studio, allowing them to reach more people with their content.

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