A worm frozen in the Siberian snow has been brought back to life after 46,000 years

Scientists brought to consciousness the insect frozen under the Siberian ice for 46 thousand years.

After these insects became conscious, they gave birth to many children and then died their natural death. Through this research, scientists proved that life can be paused for an indefinite period.

According to the foreign news agency, some 46,000 years ago, when giant elephant-like animals roamed the earth, tiny insects froze in the icy ground of Siberia.

When the thousands of years of frozen ice melted due to the increase in global temperature, scientists struggled to bring the buried insects back to consciousness.

Photo: Foreign media
Photo: Foreign media

When the insects were placed in normal water (hydrated) they easily regained consciousness, with a natural life span of only a few days.

Professor Tay Moores Kurzchalia, involved in the research on reviving the insect, says that organisms in the state of cryptobiosis have no water and oxygen at all and can survive in extreme temperatures. I live between life and death.

The professor said that any agnostic can stop life and start life again, no doubt this is a great discovery.

It should be remembered that a similar incident has happened before, 5 years ago, 2 scientists from Russia also discovered 2 types of insects from the snow of Siberia and they were also revived by putting them in water.

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