A unique solar panel like a piece of art

It is manufactured by a Japanese company / Photo courtesy of CNet
It is manufactured by a Japanese company / Photo courtesy of CNet

This thing that looks like a work of art can actually save you from electrocution.

Yes, it is a glass solar panel which looks completely different and beautiful from conventional solar panels.

This glass panel is capable of converting sunlight into electricity.

The Japanese company inQs has developed this solar panel.

This unique glass solar panel is developed using SKPV transparent solar technology.

This seemingly ordinary colored glass converts ambient light into energy.

The solar panel was unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

According to the company, colored glass can also be used as a solar panel.

The panel’s technology is simple and uses transparent silicon quarters to convert light energy into electrons that can power machines, the company said.

“Our device is very simple,” said Rike Wootten, Chief International Officer of inQs.

He said that this panel is made from easily available materials while the glass panel in it can be easily destroyed.

He said that conventional solar panels are very difficult to recycle.

Currently, this unique glass solar panel is only being offered for sale in Japan.

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