A social media service where you can see live the situation of the people of Gaza

It is possible to see the situation in Gaza in real time in the snap map / screenshot
It is possible to see the situation in Gaza in real time in the snap map / screenshot

It has been more than a month since the Israeli offensive on Gaza and people around the world are turning to traditional media and social media networks to get updates from there.

But unlike any other social network, a Snapchat service has been able to offer a glimpse of the situation in Gaza and the real hardships of its people.

Journalists have also been targeted during the Israeli offensive in Gaza, and at least 30 journalists have been killed in the line of duty, while their colleagues face reduced coverage.

This is why social media platforms such as Tik Tok and X (the new name of Twitter) are used to keep up with the situation in Gaza. Snap Map It is recommended to use

SnapMap does not require a Snapchat account to be used on a desktop computer and can be used to view highlights of the many affected parts of Gaza.

Snapchat has acknowledged that usage of its platform has increased following Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

Israeli bombing, destruction and other hardships are shared with the world on this social media platform by Gaza residents.

Introduced in 2017, this tool is different from Google or Apple Maps because it is possible to watch real-time videos.

Note that Google and Apple have restricted their Maps services to Gaza and Israel, and it is not possible to see live traffic updates.

But Snapchat has maintained its heat map service so users can share the situation in Gaza with the world.

According to the company, content that is misleading or incites violence is monitored.

This is why the platform has become a trusted source of news as it allows content to be uploaded on the platform only after vetting it.

According to experts, Snapchat’s role is clear in how it should work to observe and report on global events.

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