A robot attacked an engineer at Tesla’s car factory

Photo: File
Photo: File

At Tesla’s car factory, a Tesla robot attacked an engineer and bathed him in blood.

According to foreign media reports, according to two eyewitness employees, a Tesla robot tasked with picking up freshly manufactured vehicle parts attacked the engineer when he was busy programming software to fix two malfunctioning Tesla robots.

The attacking robot knocked the engineer to the ground and dug its sharp metal claws into the engineer’s back and arm, causing the employee to bleed to death.

Responding quickly to the incident, other staff members pressed the emergency button, which brought the attacking robot under control.

According to British media, this incident of a robot attack on an engineer happened in 2021, but the report has been made now.

According to British media, even in 2022, one in every 21 Tesla Texas Gigafactory employees were injured on the job.

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