7 Best Features of Android 14 Operating System

Several new features will be added to the new operating system / file photo
Several new features will be added to the new operating system / file photo

Google is introducing a new operating system for Android phones on October 4.

The company will introduce Android 14 operating system with its new smartphones.

It has not been officially announced by Google, but the new operating system is introduced with its new phones.

Several new features will be added in this new operating system, some of the best features are listed below.

Customized lock screen

One of the best features of Android 14 will be related to the lock screen.

With the customized lock screen, users will be able to change the clock design and screen colors while using shortcuts to various useful features, QR code scanning, flashlight and others.

Satellite support

Apple introduced the feature of sending emergency SOS via satellite in 2022 which helped save many lives.

Now this feature is going to be a part of Android devices as well.

Google may introduce satellite connectivity feature in Android 14.

It is not yet clear how this feature will work, but it is certain that it will be made part of the operating system in some form.

Battery life will be improved

Android 14 will also focus on improving battery life.

It won’t be a huge change, but it will improve battery life by improving background tasks.

Google is also bringing back an old feature that was removed in Android 12.

With this feature, users will be able to see how much time they spent looking at the screen after the last full charge of the phone, which will help users determine which apps are sucking up their battery the most.

Notification flashes

Notification flashes are not a new feature, some companies’ phones already have such a feature, but now it is being made an official part of the operating system.

If a user opts for this feature, the phone’s flashlight or screen will flash when a notification is received.

Greater control over apps’ access to files

Android 14 is introducing a new option that will allow users to restrict access to photos for specific apps.

Fonts can be made larger

Android devices have been using large fonts for a long time, but now this feature is being improved.

The option to increase the font size up to 200% from Google will be given in Android 14.

It will not be possible to install old apps

Android 14 will prevent old apps from being installed.

According to Google, the purpose of this feature is to prevent the use of apps that were developed for Android 5 or earlier operating versions.

In this way, the security of the phones will be improved as the use of old apps poses a threat to privacy and security.

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