6 Tricks to Charge Smartphone Faster

A lot of annoyance when a smartphone charges slowly / file photo
A lot of annoyance when a smartphone charges slowly / file photo

Many people find it annoying to charge their smartphone repeatedly.

If you use your smartphone a lot, it may need to be charged more than once a day.

By the way, the USB cable now charges the device faster than before, but it still feels difficult to wait for it.

But the good thing is that with a few simple tricks you can make the charging experience less painful.

Knowing about few such tricks of Android phones can be helpful for you.

Changes to charging settings

You can also charge the phone faster through the charging settings.

One effective way to do this is to enable Airplane Mode.

This feature disables wireless connections such as cellular data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allowing the device to charge without background tasks.

According to an estimate, enabling Airplane Mode can reduce battery charging time by up to 25 percent.

Also, close the background apps before charging the phone.

Apps running in the background drain the phone’s battery faster while increasing charging time.

Adjust the device settings

If you want to charge the phone quickly without enabling airplane mode, first turn down the screen brightness.

The phone’s display is the biggest sucker of battery power and the charging speed can be significantly increased by reducing the brightness.

Likewise, disabling unnecessary features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GPS also helps the phone charge faster.

These features consume battery power all the time and turning them off during charging allows the device to charge faster.

Use a wall socket and fast charger

Using a USB port on a computer doesn’t charge phones very fast.

In comparison, charging from a wall socket provides more power (charging speed depends on device and charger support).

On the other hand, it becomes easier for the device to charge faster with a fast charger.

But for this it is necessary to use a standard cable and charger.

Leave the phone alone

It is better to use the phone at least while charging.

Using the phone while charging causes it to charge slowly, especially if you use apps that use more resources.

It also affects the battery life on a long-term basis as the battery heats up causing damage to the phone.

Watch the temperature

High or low temperatures also affect battery life and can cause permanent damage.

So try to charge the phone at room temperature, while never charging in sunlight.

Turn off the phone

If your phone is switched off while charging, it charges faster than usual, because it doesn’t face any obstacles while charging.

Of course, keeping the phone off for a long time does not allow access to essential calls or messages, but doing so for even 15 minutes charges the phone to a considerable extent.

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