5 big changes have been made to YouTube

These changes were announced by the company / File photo
These changes were announced by the company / File photo

If you love watching videos on the internet, you must be using YouTube.

The good news is that the Google-owned video sharing service has introduced several new features while also improving its design.

The company announced the changes in a blog post.

Some features are for the web version of YouTube while others will work on the smartphone app and Smart TV software.

One of these features is Press to 2x which doubles the video speed.

Hold your finger on the video to double the playback speed, this feature will be available for web, tablet and mobile devices.

Also a new feature is Thumbnail Preview which will show larger thumbnail previews.

This feature will be possible to use in smartphone or tablet.

Another great feature is the screen lock.

Using the lock screen feature will lock the screen on the smartphone or tablet and accidentally touching the device will not affect the video.

This feature deactivates the touch function of the device so that users will not have to worry about the video stopping, skipping or selecting the suggested video by touching the screen.

A feature called Stable Volume is also becoming a part of this service.

This feature will ensure that the sound of a video does not suddenly increase too much.

Along with this, the library tab in YouTube has been redesigned and is now being named you.

In this tab, playlists, downloads, watch videos and purchases etc. are being collected in one place.

This new change is being rolled out on web and mobile devices.

According to the company, the rollout of these new features has begun and will be available to users over the next few weeks.

More features are also being worked on, while the YouTube Kids app is also being redesigned, the company said.

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