10 Best Features Introduced in WhatsApp in 2023

Over the course of the year, the Meta-owned messaging app added a number of great features / File photo
Over the course of the year, the Meta-owned messaging app added a number of great features / File photo

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, used by more than 2 billion people.

Like every year in 2023 also WhatsApp introduced several features.

In fact, more new features were introduced in WhatsApp in 2023 than in previous years.

Most of the features this year were those that users have been waiting for a long time.

Learn about the best features that will be part of WhatsApp in 2023.

Lock cheats

The Chat Lock feature was introduced in May 2023 by which various chats are stored in a folder while accessing them through the phone unlock method.

These chats can now be further protected with a secret code.

Open the chat you want to lock using this feature and select the Lock Chat option by clicking on the profile name above.

Voice Status

It was possible to send voice messages in WhatsApp messages for a long time, but now it can be used for statuses as well.

Users can record a voice message of up to 30 seconds and post it as a status.

The company, while introducing this feature, said that it would be more satisfying for users to express their feelings by speaking instead of typing.

Pinning messages

The feature to pin messages was introduced in December.

Earlier, WhatsApp users could pin chats, but it was not possible to pin messages within chats.

This feature works in the same way as PinChats.

That is, a single message can be pinned within the chat, which will appear at the top when the chat window is opened.

But unlike pin chats, pin messages are deleted after a certain time.

When a user pins a message, they are presented with 24 hours, 7 days and one month options.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing feature was added to WhatsApp in August.

With this feature, WhatsApp has been able to compete with traditional video conferencing apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and FaceTime.

With this feature, users can share their entire smartphone display with friends.

Through screen sharing, users can share their documents, photos and other details in video calls.

Mute calls from unknown numbers

WhatsApp added a feature to automatically mute calls from unknown numbers in June.

To use this feature, click on Privacy in Settings and go to Calls option and enable Silence Unknown Callers.

Companion mode

This year, WhatsApp introduced the feature of using one account on multiple devices simultaneously, meeting the high demand of users.

The multi-device support feature was in the works for several years and users were able to use it in 2023.

After this feature users can use their account in 4 phones or devices simultaneously.

Send HD photos and videos

WhatsApp this year also introduced a feature for users to send high-definition (HD) photos and videos.

With this feature, users can share their photos and videos with their friends in original resolution.

After this feature, now when you upload a photo or video to send in a chat, the HD option is also visible in the image editing menu at the top.

It should be noted that standard quality is selected by default in WhatsApp and you have to select HD quality yourself.

Using 2 accounts in one device

WhatsApp had announced the introduction of the feature of using 2 accounts in one phone in October.

This feature is perfect for people who use WhatsApp for office activities as well, with multi account support they can use separate accounts for office and personal life.

To use this feature, the phone must have dual SIM support so that 2 different numbers can be used for 2 WhatsApp accounts.

WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp introduced a feature called Channels in June 2023, which was initially limited to a few countries, but in September, it was rolled out to users worldwide, including Pakistan.

Users can get updates on their favorite personalities, sports and other topics through channels.

Text, photos, videos, stickers and polls etc. are shared with people at large through channels.

In November, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the number of people using WhatsApp channels has crossed 500 million in just 7 weeks.

Calendar search

Do you face difficulties in finding old messages in WhatsApp when you need it? So it won’t happen now.

This feature was made part of the mobile app in early 2023 and was recently introduced in the web version as well.

Under this feature, when a user clicks on the chat search option, the desired chats can be searched by clicking on the calendar icon and going to the specific date, month and year.

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