7 new features added to Windows 11

New features announced by the company / File photo If you use a computer or laptop equipped with Windows 11, this operating system A few new features are being added. Microsoft is introducing 7 new features for Windows 11 users. The company said that these features will help the users a lot. One of these … Read more

Addition of 4 new features in Google Chrome

These features will be available to users in March / file photo Google is adding some new features to the Chrome web browser. The new 123 version of Google Chrome will be introduced in March, the beta version of which has just been released. Chrome 123 will bring some interesting features to the users. One … Read more

Introducing a new useful feature in Google Maps

The feature was announced by the company / File photo Google’s popular Maps service has undergone a number of major changes in recent months, with a particular focus on features powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Another such new AI feature is being made part of Google Maps. A feature called screen reader was first … Read more